Object detection with on Jetbot using Jetson 2GB

I was just trying to get Object Detection working on my Jetson Nano 2GB with the Jetbot image. I was getting the error AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘create_execution_context’ which has been well covered on this site before. Looking back at the documentation, it seems I need Jetpack 4.3 in order for the model to run properly, and I used the latest image which had Jetpack 4.5. However, looking at the list of images, there are none for the 2GB version of the Jetson with that version of Jetpack. Is it possible to get Jetpack 4.3 on my board, or is there another way to run object detection?

If you would like to downgrade you JetPack , you should use sdk manager tool.


It could helps you.

Hi @tony.baston, the JetPack 4.4.1 was the first version to support Nano 2GB, so that would be the earliest version of JetPack that you can run on Nano 2GB. I would recommend filing an issue about how to use the object detector on the JetBot GitHub:


Also, on the Jetson Nano devkits and Jetson Xavier NX devkit, you can downgrade JetPack by flashing your SD card with previous JetPack image - you don’t need to use SDK Manager tool to do that on the devkits that use SD cards.