Object file compatibility created by PGI2013


I found the description that “Object files created with prior releases of PGI compiler are incompatible with object files from PGI 2013 and should be recompiled” in the latest release note. Is this true? At least in my environment, I can link object files created by PGI2013 with libraries built by PGI2010. Should I recompiled these libraries using PGI2013?

Tetsuya Mishima

Hi Tetsuya Mishima,

Given that there could be changes in the latest release are incompatible, we add this recommendation to every major release of the compilers. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your code will encounter any issue, it’s just that the potential exists and that we have no way of testing for all possible issues related related to mixing old and new objects.

If you have have no issues linking and running with the older libraries, then you should be fine. Though, if you do encounter a problem, recompiling would be the first thing to try.

Best Regards,

Hi Mat,

Thank you for your explanation. I understand very well.

Tetsuya Mishima