Object generate problem

I am implementing training UGV in an obstacle environment.

I generate obstacles and robots, and goals by norm distance. But it has some problems when I generated obstacles that were mutually collisions and explosions.
generate_object.py (4.1 KB)

How can I generate the obstacles that are not mutually collision? Is there any solution to this problem?

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Have a look at the official API:

If you don’t want the obstacles to collide with each other, you should:

  1. Generate objects from different locations,
  2. Set fix_base_link to be False or they may intersect with each other,
  3. Assign different values to param6 in create_actor to different objects within one environment.

A total of three objects (robot, goal, obstacle) are created, and all three values ​​do not overlap but overlap. Is there anything in the code to fix?

You should check the reset function, since the states of your environment are reset over there each time you start an episode. I have just fixed a similar problem

I didn’t configure the reset function in my environment yet. While constructing my obstacles, robots and goals are not to collide. But, during that, obstacles or robots, or goals are positioned the same way. I just utilize the “while” sentence to compare object distance. Is my code structure wrong?

You can try annotating self._reset_root_states(env_ids) or something similar in your code and check if the obstacles are in place

Could you look at my full environment code? If you are okay with, I’ll send my full code by email. It would be helpful if you see my code. Can i request your email??