Object PoseCNN - Is the previous isaac_sim_unity3d download available?

The documentation for PoseCNN refers to the previous version of Isaac Sim - before Omniverse. Is it possible to download that version? Links?

Hi Peter,
Yes, It is available.
Please go to Isaac SDK download page: https://developer.nvidia.com/isaac/downloads# and click on the archive to see the Unity simulator.


(oops - sorry, missed the Archive twistie thingie…)

Hello @ltorabi : Just wanted to check if the link the archives has been removed. Since I can’t see it anymore on the downloads link. Can you please confirm?

Hi Ruddradev,

Yes, they have been removed, since we no longer support Unity- based Isaac Sim.
Also, we will soon have an example for pose detection with the latest Isaac Sim release.


Any update on the latest pose detection example? Thanks! p

WE are planning to have one before the end of the year.