Object/stimulus tearing during movement - Quadro K2200, Ubuntu KDE

This desktop for starters, is meant to project visual stimulus for experimentations. There are a couple of stations in our laboratory with the same graphics card as well as Linux Ubuntu system that works perfectly fine.

The problem lies with the stimulus display, ie. when I have a simple white bar on a grey background with a height that spans across the height of the screen, moving from one end to the other at a certain speed in pixels per frame, the line gets torn, in that portions of the line lags by a few pixels, giving the illusion that there are a few lines loosely joint moving in the same direction instead of one complete line.

I tried changing cables, alternating between CRT monitors and LED monitors, toggling with options such as v-sync, updating to the latest graphics driver but non of it seem to matter.

I even wiped Ubuntu 16.04 from the system since a couple other machines are running on 14.04 and are working fine. Having this machine on 14.04 also does not resolve the issue. I am assuming there is some sort of graphics hardware issue right here?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (148 KB)