Obligatory OMG GPU PhysX on Linux thread!

I don’t see one yet and I for one am excited so I thought one should exist ;)

I got the news from GamingOnLinux this morning and then read the Phoronix article as well. Glad to see it finally come to fruition. Though I must say that unless 2K/Aspyr had their hands on the new SDK before today that it’s almost MEAN that the news comes on basically the same day that a new game in the best franchise to use the PhysX tech is being release on Linux the SAME days as windows (A first for a AAA game). I’m really hoping to see advanced/high PhysX as an option in the new Borderlands in a couple of hours. Borderlands just uses the PhysX tech to make some amazing effects.

Thanks Nvidia!


Definitely a step in the right direction! Hopefully NVIDIA keeps bringing more and more of their tech to Linux. :)