observing changing variables in debuging with PVF


I am a new user of PVF. I tried to debug a code and see the variables changing during debugging, but I came a cross with something weird. Once I start debugging (from a build code), debugging does not go forward from the the first breakpoint, neither Step Into nor Step Out. Moreover I am not able to see the values of the variable allocated for the variables before the breakpoint. The only command works here is the running command which of course gives a correct result.

I take a look to the PVF user’s guide and it was written"The autos window provides information about a changing set of variables as determined by the current debugging location. This window is supported for VC++ code but will not contain any information when debugging in a Fortran source file."

I am a bit confused, as I am not able to see changing variables in the debugging process. I would appreciate if someone makes this issue clear that if one is able to see the changing variables or not with PVF, if not, any alternative within PVF?

Thanks a lot


The PVF documentation is correct in that the Autos window is for VC++ and will not show anything for Fortran code.

However, the Locals window will contain local variables and their values. The Locals window will only be populated when the code is stopped at a breakpoint. If the value of a local variable has changed from one stopping point to the next, that value will appear in red in the Locals window.

One question, did you compile your code with debugging enabled? (i.e. the Fortran | Debug Information Format property set to Full Debug Information (-g)).


Hi Mat,

Thanks. It was resolved.