Obtain information from RAW buffer when using nvcamerasrc

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Is there a way of extracting the two first data lines of a bayer buffer when using nvcamerasrc? We need to read data from these two lines in order to obtain a buffer number provided by the sensor.

More information about our environment:
We are using a video sensor that adds two data lines at the beginning of the buffer. We need to extract data from these two lines in order to obtain the frame number provided by the video sensor.

This video sensor provides bayer, the problem about using nvcamerasrc is that the data is handled as bayer data, destroying the content of the two first data lines.

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Carlos A.

I believe argus and ISP can support it. However you program the sensor output the embedded data line but you need TX2 to support the embedded data.

How can we get the content of those two lines? nvcamerasrc doesn’t have an option for that right?

Like below image. You can see this sensor output embedded data (EBD), TX2 can capture this and pass to argus.

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Thank you, I think this should work. We will try it.