Obtaining non-public NVIDIA GRID K1 drivers package

I would like to obtain the non-released NVIDIA GRID K1 drivers package which is described here:

If anyone has these drivers, which incorporate a fix for VMware View environments, could you please contact me -
robertellis uk at gmail com

Thank you

Now filed as BUG with reference 160724-000143

The drivers I refer to are public and were never released privately.

If VMware are advising that there is a private driver release, please get VMware to advise on the driver version numbers.


For clarification, VMware have not advised me of a private driver release. The claim made in the other thread - the way I read and understood it - is that VMware told a customer that another customer who was experiencing the same issues, resolved that problem by obtaining a driver from NVidia that was never otherwise publicly released.

If that driver exists, I would like to have it.

If anyone at NVIDIA is able to explicitly confirm that it doesn’t exist, that would actually be (somewhat) helpful, too.

Sorry for any confusion.

I’ve never known us to release a private driver. Our release systems are very formal and QA’ing a bespoke driver isn’t something we’d normally do. I doubt such a thing exists and nobody in the release team knows of one. It’s a bit of difficult thing to make a definitive statement on as it’s a bit like saying “someone at VMware saw a goldern unicorn in the nvidia office”… the people who should have been looped in certainly don’t know…

And Elvis Presley is not alive and tweaking Tesla cards in the basement @ Santa Clara.
I’ll move on…:)

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