Occasionally USB cannot be used after the system restarts

We develop based on Jetson NANO, mainly for visual analysis of blood images. We use Nvidia’s Jetson Nano module + camera module + USB HUB rts5411 to achieve, and we have developed our own carrier board.

During the development process, it was discovered that the USB could not be used occasionally after the system was restarted. See the attachment for the specific log.
Please help analyze what is causing the problem, thank you
log20210610.txt (52.7 KB)


It seems an issue that similar to this one. We are still investigating why custom board will hit this problem.

Is it possible for you to see if adding a power supply to PMIC_BBAT will enhance this case?

The value of PLLU_DIV seems to be normal if [CPU pin235:PMIC_BBAT] is high when the CPU is powered on.

Also, if possible, please attach the schematic or send me through private message.

In case this is using too much power, see if using a powered external HUB helps. It wouldn’t be too hard for USB to sometimes use more current than others, or for a power supply to change how much it can provide if temperature differs.

Hi WayneWWW,thanks!
Attached is the circuit schematic diagram of our loading board. We use USB3.0.

The phenomenon is that the USB peripheral can not be used occasionally during reboot, and it still can not be used after replugging.

Only on the power to start, to restore.
log20210610.txt (52.7 KB)
SCH-19078-A-V00.pdf (168.0 KB)


Currently, there is no software solution for it. Are you able to check if previous suggestion from hardware is able to workaround this issue?

The value of PLLU_DIV seems to be normal if [CPU pin235:PMIC_BBAT] is high when the CPU is powered on.

Hi, WayneWWW
thank you for your support.
We want to confirm whether PIN235 needs to be connected to a high level before the board is powered on, or can it be powered on at the same time to obtain a high level?
Thank you

SCH-19016-D-V00.pdf (215.5 KB)

Pin235 is for backup battery, you can try adding a battery or super capacitor to it.

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Hi Trumany,thanks for your reply!
After the backup battery is connected, the problem is more serious than before, and the probability is increased

Hi, please check the timing interval between 5V stable and POWER_EN. POWER_EN needs to be asserted after 5V and other rails are stable enough. You can try to extend the interval.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Hi 582704878,

Have you tried with the suggestion above? Can it work?


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