Occluded objects-bounding boxes


When using Isaacsim Replicator Composer- bounding boxes (both tight & loose) are generated for all objects, even if they are completely occluded (hidden behind other objects)

How can I generate bounding boxes just for the portion of objects that are visible ??

As another option- I note that in this document, there is a flag for occluded objects- although htis data does not seem to appear in the npy file that is generated
So in my case, I could disregard Occlusion=2 objects

thank you


thanks @MontyPy

I’ll take a closer look- I’m pretty sure that my geometry is watertight/no hairline cracks- but the nature of the objects is that there are some big gaps. I’m also wondering if material transparency means that some occluded objects are showing through.

Although I understand the logic of creating one bbox that covers all pixels of a particular semantic entity, it would be great if there was a threshold (in terms of percent occlusion, number of groups of non-contiguous pixels, or minimum bbox size for contiguous pixels)
For example, if a particular entity was >80% occluded, or had >3 groups of contiguous pixels


Hi Andrew. I checked into this. Here’s how this should work:

  1. Loose will always be annotated, regardless of occlusions.
  2. Tight should always be cropped, or removed if fully occluded. This should be what you want.
  3. Transparency will act like an occluder. As a workaround, if you disable cast shadows it will no longer occlude.

If you have a repro case where the above isn’t the case, let me know!

thanks @pcallender

I’ll revisit this


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