OCI runtime create error on Jetson nano 2gb

I have been following the DLI course AI on Jetson nano with my Jetson nano 2gb . I am using r32.4.4 dlinano container.i have a error when i run the code
./ docker_dli_run.sh

I could not move further .
How can i solve this problem and go further

Hi @iamsabari06, can you check that your JetPack-L4T version is also R32.4.4? You can check with cat /etc/nv_tegra_release

The L4T version should match the container tag, otherwise you will get that error. For example, if you are on L4T R32.5.0, then use the r32.5.0 tag of the DLI container instead.

Thank you @dusty_nv I just updated that.