oclDeviceQuery hangs


I recently installed the Cuda Tools and Cuda SDK. I was able to compile the OpenCL examples just fine, however, when I try to run the oclDeviceQuery it just hangs. It doesn’t report an error it just does nothing after SW version (or something like that).
Does anybody know what the problem is (and how to fix it?)?

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Check if the directory you call oclDeviceQuery from is writable for you, because oclDeviceQuery wants to write a log file and usually hangs if it cannot.

I even tried it as root, but that also didn’t work.

I’m having this exact same problem.

The CUDA samples all build and run fine, and the OpenCL samples all build fine, however…

all of the OpenCL sample programs, such as oclDeviceQuery, hang on the first OpenCL call

(and these are being run from a directory to which I have write access)

Did anyone ever get to the bottom of this issue? It’s driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance!


check you have latest drivers, and also check the place where you are running the examples. I remember some OpenCL examples need to be run from their same directory because they use relative paths, for logs i guess.