OCP3.0 NIC module with Jetson AGX Xavier

We are using Dual-Port 10GBASE-T Ethernet PCI Express 3.0 x8 OCP 3.0 Network Adapter Card BCM957416-N4160C from Broadcom with Jetson AGX Xavier based system.
Will it work with L4T? What changes are required to integrate this device with L4T? Broadcom provides satandrd linux driver for this device but i couldn’t find any driver for L4T.

I can’t answer, but consider that if the driver is already in the Linux kernel source that you can try to build it as a module (either natively on a Jetson, or cross compile) to see if it is available for arm64 architecture. If not, then you’ll need the source code to build it on arm64 (assuming it doesn’t use any architecture dependent code, and that it is compatible with the current kernel version, then it should compile). If this works, then the driver should work on the actual hardware (no guarantee though).

Additionally, if the device is PCI or any kind of “plug-n-play”, then it would self detect (PCIe and USB for example query a device to see what it is, but a device directly integrated would need a device tree entry to tell the kernel driver where to find the device and what command line options to pass to the driver as the driver loads).

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