Oculus client shutdowns when the app loses focus


We noticed an issue in the CloudXR Oculus client, when the app loses focus for a couple of seconds (either when the headset goes to sleep, the power button is pressed or the user leaves the guardian area), the app shuts down.

After the headset awakes the app is already closed and either the user is back in the lobby or in a black screen with the oculus menu enabled.

We noticed the issue happening in v2.0 but it is also present in v3.0.

The following logs were generated in both versions by leaving the guardian for 3 to 5 seconds, they also contain logs from logcat.

CloudXR logs.zip (57.2 KB)

Thanks in advance.


What game/application is running on the server side when you experience the client shutdowns?


Hi, thanks for the reply.

The issue occurs regardless of the executed application, it even happens just with SteamVR.

We are building an enterprise solution that enables the upload of your VR catalog to the cloud and execute them on demand via streaming, due to the nature of this product I’m able to test it with multiple applications (tested with at least 6 different applications).