Odd corruption with black dots on screen after fresh boot.

System: Ubuntu 13.04 3.8.0-31-generic AMD64
Card: GeForce 8600 GT, notebook
Driver: 331.13 AMD64

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Shortly after booting into Ubuntu - I’m using Unity here - and I expand the workspace button those little dots appear and they are totally random. This has never happened to me before so this is very strange. It only seems to happen right after boot because if I wait long enough the display is normal and it doesn’t happen. Even after disabling the Plymouth boot splash and running the TTY and text boot with default resolution, the one with the large text, it still happens. Oddly enough when I go to the ‘nvidia-settings’ control panel applet and query the GL/GLX extensions available on the GL/GLX Information section the dots go away immediately and the problem is solved for that session but starts again after a fresh boot.

Update: I reverted back to the 325.15 AMD64 drivers and the problem has gone away, this is a 331.13 driver issue.