Odd image height or width cause black line or column

Dear Nvidia Support,

we are using dwImageTransformation_copyFullImage to reduce the resolution and convert the image format of the retrieved dwImageHandle. When an odd height is chosen a black row of pixels is created at the bottom of the image and when choosing an odd width, a black column is created on the right side of the image. The camera’s resolution is even.

We found this topic Does AGX support capture images with odd heights mentioning that the Jetson platform doesn’t support odd resolution. Does this also apply for the Drive AGX running with DriveWorks?

Thank you

Dear @andreas.schwager,
May I know the DRIVE OS release and used camera module?

DRIVE OS Linux 5.2.0 and DriveWorks 3.5
Sony IMX490 and IMX623

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Dear @andreas.schwager,
Could you share details about the format and properties of the image passed to the transformation API?


you may close this issue. We decided using images with even number of pixel.