Odd network error on host

Using a desktop PC, loaded Ubuntu to support the Nano with software downloads, pattern training, and other such. Oddly, the gigabit router keeps throwing a “router behind router” error and won’t let that PC connect to the Internet but I can ping and everything else except browser connections.

  1. First, the ONLY router is the modem that connects my home network to the Internet. All other distribution is through switches.
  2. The Nano, it’s support PC (the one with the problems), the monitor, and another desktop PC running Debian are all connected with the same switch, and all have zero trouble doing Internet things with browsers.
  3. So while this is going on, I can’t update or really do anything to support the Nano while that “router behind router” problem exists.

The only thing different about the Nano support PC compared to everything else is that it was created solely to support the Nano with the software downloaded (after Ubuntu 18 install) from nVidia.

I suspect that something about the support PC faking an ethernet “connection” to the Nano through the Nano’s USB cable.

How do I correct this, please? I’ve tried everything I know (and some things I DON’T know!)


I may not be able to solve this, but what is the output of “ifconfig” and “route” for both the PC and the Jetson while you use your current cable layout? If you boot without any USB between Jetson and host PC, do things work? FYI, you would use the wired ethernet address (from ifconfig’s eth0 address) instead of the address if the USB virtual ethernet is not used.

  1. Can you provide a screenshot of the error?
  2. Is your ISP AT&T by chance?