Odd non-clickable unity launcher after sleep

Anybody had their unity launcher go non-clickable by the mouse (still works with keyboard) after a sleep? I assume this is the never fixed sleep/suspend issue. I don’t have any special power management stuff on my system other than monitor sleep and system sleep. No hibernate.

The details are such:

Ubuntu 16.04 Unity
4.9.7 kernel, 378 drivers
4k resolution on a Samsung 28 Monitor via Displayport
Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming 1080

This is the only thing I’ve observed with the Nvidia drivers as far back as 367. Well, and the ugly console resolution but I don’t use it.

For the record this issue is no longer happening after I walk away from the computer. I don’t like unexplainable stuff in technology but this one seems to have stopped.

From here I am now running the 4.9.9 kernel with CUDA 8, 378 driver.