ODMDATA meanings?

I know the meanings of the ODMDATA bits[31:22] in the <…Xavier_Adaptation_Guide.pdf>.
Who can give me more information about the ODMDATA, especially bits[21:0] ?

I want to know how to allocate lanes for PCIe XBAR to controllers 5, if used it in PCIe x4.
And if I want C0/C4/C5 working in endpoint mode, how to config the ODMDATA?


Please note that we don’t suggest to change uphy mapping for Xavier. Devkit only supports one kind of usage.

As for C0/C4/C5 endpoint mode,

bit 26
PCIE C0 endpoint mode

bit 25
PCIE C4 endpoint mode

bit 12
PCIe C5 mode

In all these bits, 1 indicates the EP mode.