Odom frame drift after pause and play during navigation


I am using navigation stack for unitree A1.

During navigation, I paused the simulator. After I press the play button again, the odom frame has been totally drifted.

I used computeOdometryNode to compute odometry values.

I’d like to know why this happens.



It seems that after the play button, the robot goes to the map point according to rviz and /odom topic, and that causes this error.

thank you!

Hi @kenloumixx1 - Someone from our team will review this question and provide answer to you.

@rthaker Yes, thank you! we look forward to your answer :)

@rthaker And can I ask one more question?

I use the above mentioned ComputeOdometry Node provided by Isaac Sim.

This node gets the name of prim as an input and output the velocities, orientation and position of the given prim.

However, there still exists the difference between the real position of the robot and the odom values.

Is it normal or are there any parameters that I should change?

Thank you!

@kenloumixx1 what version of isaac sim was this with?

I was using 2022.1.0 version!

Hi @kenloumixx1 - Are you still seeing the same issue with latest Isaac Sim release (IsaacSim 2022.2.1)?