OEM Installer failed.


I have been trying to flash my Jetson TX2 and I get an error saying:
“OEM Installer failed. Your system may not be usable yet. Please report this as a bug to your vendor.”

Requesting help from Nvidia.

Thank you!

In addition, I also get an error “Failed to mount Kernel Configuration File System” when I tried rebooting.

Hi ta2184,

Which image version are you using?
Could you share your steps?

I was using the version that came with Jetpack 4.2.
But, anyway, I downloaded all the .deb, zip and kernel files separately by looking at the log and was then able to re-flash it w/o any errors.

Thank you for getting back.

Hello i am having the same issue in Xavier. Can you help me i solving it?
Thank you.

Hello hrexha,

For both jetson Tx2 and Xavier, I have found that downloading the .deb, zip and kernel files separately leads to fewer errors. I solved the issue the same way. I hope that solves your issue too.