# of GPUs on Nvidia card How many GPUs does a Tesla C2070 have?


We are looking to buy a Nvidia card with multiple GPUs (4 GPUs or more). Does anyone know that how many GPUs are there on a Tesla C2070 or Tesla C2050? Thank you very much.

A Tesla C2050 or Tesla C2070 has just one GPU. Due to power consumption and PCIe specs it is impossible to fit four GPUs onto one card.

You are probably thinking of the Tesla S2050, which is 1U rackmount enclosure suitable for four C2050 cards. Nvidia was previously offering similar solutions as external extensions for workstations. However, nowadays these extensions are no longer necessary as it now possible to fit four Tesla cards into carefully configured workstations.

Thank you, Tera. Since we are going to build the system from scratch, if we decide to choose a Tesla S2050, do you have suggestions how we shall configure the system? Such as motherboard, processor, and so on? I wonder if Nvidia sell workstations loaded with S2050. That will save us a lot of trouble.

Nvidia has some info on their website. I think there also have been threads in the forum recently.
The most important issue definitely is the power supply, followed by cooling and case. The P6T7 WS SuperComputer is a good choice for the mainboard, which then fixes the processor as well.

NVIDIA has a page listing preferred vendors for Tesla cards and Tesla-equipped workstations:


There are many options for professionally built 4 (and even 8!) Tesla workstations.