Official support to installation of tensorflow on Drive PX2

So I have been trying to install tensorflow on Drive PX2 going through all the ways and means available at hand including the wheels of TX1/TX2/JetsonHacks. It would be great if someone from Nvidia can guide me through. Just to make it clear I have changed the local resource parameter whilst building with Bazel build on PX2.


I am using the latest “DriveInstall Linux SDK”

And I have also used this tensorflow docker script provided officially. But I get this error

" Error 127, “Docker Login failed”, please resolve the issue or try again.
Please contact provider with log “drive_installer_0832d0b37cba2fdef1d2580483378fb2.log”.



Dear mac2660,

TensorRT is the way to deploy a TF model to the PX2 and unfortunately not provide details on native building TF for DPX2. Thanks.

Hi mac2660,

Please refer to and see if it’s also suitable for PX2.