Official website PGI compiler download problem

Download the PGI compiler on the official website of PGI. pgilinux-2019-194-x86-64.tar.gz…
After downloading more than half of it, it has been stopped. The official website download is not very good…The previous version of the 2018 community free version of pgilinux-2018-184-x86-64.tar.gz, the deadline for the license license is April 30, and compiled today. Warning appears:

WARNING: Your license to use PGI Community Edition version 18.4 has expired.
Please obtain a new version at or
contact PGI Sales at to obtain a perpetual license.

Can someone provide a PGI compiler(LinuxX86-64) that can be used? Thank you very much~

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The PGI Community Edition is hosted on a world-wide CDN. I just downloaded the file in just over 2 minutes.

One of the things about the Community Edition is that we do not record who has downloaded it. I.e, you do not need to register and login to download. Unless you are able to provide some information such as your location on the planet, what kind of network connection you are on, etc., then there’s really little that PGI can do. If you are at a major university in Europe, I’d expect decent performance, like my 2 minute download. If you’re downloading from a satellite connection in the middle of the Southern Ocean, then that likely is not going to have decent performance.

In my experience, which is pretty deep and broad, it’s almost always the network connection to the CDN node where your browser is attempting to pull the file from. It’s quite possible that the entire CDN is not seeded yet and thus the CDN is giving you bits from farther away than usual.