Offline installation for the TK-1


According to the user guide I must connect the TK-1 to the internet and then run the file:

What does the TK-1 contain by default ?

How should I burn Ubunto in case my flash is accidently erased ?

Is there any offline installation that I can download, copy to the flash of the TK-1 and then install ?

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hi zvivered,

The Jetson TK1 comes out of box with a preinstalled Ubuntu with Xorg desactivated and installer for the UI version on it.
So basically you can run the installation without Internet only with a keyboard plugged into the Jetson.
You may prefer to have the last Driver Packages (if you buy a recent from official site Jetson it will be the last one) and/or update it with your host :

  1. download the driver package (not the Jetpack) from the download zone
  2. download sample root filesystem
  3. extract both in your home directory (still on the host)
  4. copy the filesystem to rootfs directory of the extracted folder “Linux_for_tegra”
  5. launch
  6. run

The complete procedure and full commands explanation are there :


Additional note: The JetPack is a bundle of packages, and may need the internet, but the driver package mentioned by @alejuventino does not require a network…flash via driver package install only requires the USB cable with the Jetson in recovery mode.

Clones can be made as backup before a flash. See:


Thank you for your reply.

I want to install the gcc on an x86 machine with CENTOS 5.5 and compile applications for the ARM.

Is it possible ?

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You could consider two basic levels of support for cross compile. The first is for the kernel, because the kernel does not link to other programs…the kernel is the top of the food chain, and runs without support from anything else once booted. This only takes a cross compiler, as the kernel has built in support for doing this…it is a common task. You would need a compatible tool chain. I use Linaro on Fedora. The issue is that the current Linaro as released in binary format is version 5.2, but JTK1 was built on 4.9 compilers…I’m not sure if they would be compatible or not. If compatible, you can just download pre-built arm-linux-gnueabihf and be done…if not, you’ll need to download 4.9 source and build the chain from scratch (and it is a mighty big scratch).

The second level of cross compile is when you build applications which must exist in an environment. This means end user applications which link to libraries and co-exist in the ecosystem. There are additional downloads and builds to do this. A good substitute is to clone your Jetson and use a loopback mounted copy to provide that environment. This has a significant learning curve.

Linaro 5.2 binaries are here: