Offscreen behavior changes between 384.69 and 384.98 breaks some applications


with switching from Linux kernel 4.13.13 to 4.14.1 and the necessary nvidia driver update from 384.69 to 384.98 on openSUSE, an application setup broke due to behavior changes. That application is using a xfreerdp console to a remote server, and depends on proper graphic updates (due to continuous screen scaping inside the VM). With the nvidia driver change, updates seems to be suppressed on non active desktops, therefor this setup doesn’t work anymore.
Desktop is the current workspace, that can be switched in the toolbar.

Question: how can I change back the behavior to 384.69 with respect to offscreen updates.

As long as the desktop with the xfreerdp window is active, everything works properly. The X server is under moderate fire, but acts properly. Every xfreerdp instance raises the X server utilization by about 10%. When switching to another desktop (KDE4 DE), no updates are done anymore with 384.98. The X server utilization drops. With the 384.69 driver, the X server utilization is kept stable after the switch, and the screen scraping app inside the xfreerdp session kept running properly.

OS: openSUSE 13.2
DE: KDE 4.14
Kernel: 4.14.2
NVIDIA driver: 384.98
X-Server: 1.16.1, option TripleBuffer is enabled, no other settings or profiles are active
KWin uses XRender, compositing is off (due to performance reasons)

CPU: i7-4790K
RAM: 32 GB
GFX: GeForce GTX 760 (GK104) with 2 GB VideoRAM, VideoBIOS: 80.04.c4.00.60
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (209 KB)