Oh god my eyes

Subject says it all. Any way to turn things back?


pls switch back to old forum theme or at least make it customizeable in profile. this green&black is not very comfortable to work with…


preaching to the choir… working on it.

What really bothers me isn’t so much the color green, but the gradients. I’ve always thought they’re what butchered Vista’s windows explorer and made it imposing and cluttered. (That, and the color aqua. I honest-to-god believe that the two aesthetic choices is the overwhelming reason people hate Vista, consciously or not.) The folder icons taken from Vista I hate too. (P.S. I love Vista the OS. I just know enough to change its appearance.)

I am sure Mr.Ballmer would be happy to see one person at last who loves vista. (in light vein…)


I am loving this current color scheme and also the quick edit stuff… Dats cool.

The colors are OK, I guess, especially compared to the LAST color change they tried on us.

What bothers me are the thread icons. I can tell which threads are read/unread easily enough, but the icons only have a tiny subtle change for threads that I’ve posted to, making it very tough to keep track of active/interesting dicussions.

The new features easily outweigh the drawbacks, imho. After a week, we’ll probably all get used to dealing with the new forums… One thing I am disappointed with is that I still can’t jump back to the CUDA forums, once I’ve ‘marked a forum as read’ I am back to the main forums, and have to scroll my way to find the CUDA forums again.

I set up to be automatically subscribed to every thread I post in (My Controls > Email Settings > Enable ‘Email Notifications’). Then I can then go into My Controls > View Threads, and all the threads I participated in are there (plus ones I earmarked manually).

Plus, I just noticed that in the new version of the forum, I can disable the actual emails from being sent! (You still have to enable email notifications… and then… er… select to not get email notifications) Perfect. No more spam :haha:

I’m guessing you haven’t used it with its color scheme (and security popups) off? (Or ran Windows 2008.) It’s actually pretty good. Windows Explorer is a lot better (once you use it, you realize how many annoying tendencies the old one had). The new start menu is convenient. Stuff like superfetch even makes it work a bit faster. Granted this ain’t no “Blackcomb”, but it’s a nice improvement.

But it’s when you have all your buttons highlighted in eye-gouging light blue (seriously… who at microsoft has a hard-on for ugly shades of blue? First XP, then Vista) and every button and toolbar has all sorts of visual noise, that you slowly come to hate everything about the os. Most insiduously, it’s not immediately off-putting (doesn’t show up in study groups). It gets to you subconsciously.