older CUDA version

is it possible for me to get the older … i think it is 0.8 version of the CUDA SDK. I installed the new version and erased the old version (a mistake which will not be repeated!!) and none of the my programs are running any more. They are all throwing null pointer errors. Thanks a lotttttt!!!

There is only one version of the compiler and runtime (0.8).
The new SDK is just adding few new examples.

Have you rebuild cutil when you installed the new SDK?


I just downloaded the new SDK and moved my projects into its project directory and compiled over there. The stuff compiles fine but then gives null pointer errors upon running.

Linux, Windows XP?

ahh sorry. it looks like i had made some error with the boundary conditions. very interesting that it was never picked up in previous trials. looks like everything is ok now. phew! sorry i got so distressed … my PhD proposal can only be made if i have a working version of this thing. thanks for bearing with me.