Older Infiniband Gateway Switch QDR with vnics and host with new driver without mlx4_vnic - possible?

I have an older Sun Infiniband Gateway Switch and would love to use that as an Ethernet bridge.

As I found it’s Mellanox Hardware inside so I am asking here ;)…

In that Gateway Switch it seems I need to define VNICs and somehow pin them on the interface. Since the mlx4_vnic module is unsupported in drivers above v3.x it’s my question how a connection is possible since IPoIB is different from my unterstanding…?!

Any help and hint in the right direction appreciated.

Best regards,


Hi Thomas,

since you can’t use mlx4_vnic module with new MLNX_OFED versions. you will have to use an OFED version that does support.

Only support and not EOL solution for bridging IP based packets from IB to Ethernet and vice versa is the SwitchX-GW / SX6036G / SX6710G