OLED not showing IP

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May I know if the Jetson Nano 2GB is compatible with the JetBot AI Kit? I am having an issue where the OLED is not showing the IP address. It might be because I’m using a 2GB model instead of the 4GB model.

Hi there @Anonymou5 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

From the available documentation there is no indication that the JetBot setup would not work with a Nano.
To better help you with the issue of the IP not showing up, I refer you to our dedicated Jetson Nano forums, I am sure you will find help here!

Thank you!

Nano 2GB should also work, but for Jetbot related issue, please report a bug by creating an issue at Jetbot github. Thanks

Fixed the OLED issue. Had to flash an older image on the jetson nano. v0.4.3 didn’t work but v0.4.2 worked.

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