Omiverse view exit issue

My Omniverse View does not close properly, need to stop program, work a few weeks ago.
Have latest video driver. File does saved even with issue.

Hello @fsheng21, I will direct your issue to the View Development team. In the meantime, can you please provide the following information:

  • Computer Environment (OS, GPU, GPU Driver) - need exact driver number
  • Applications and their Version numbers
  • If it is reproducible, what are the steps to reproduce it
    Console Logs

Hi Wendy:
Thanks for your reply. I am running window 10 pro, RTX 3080, driver version-, date 4/12/2021, omniverse view 2020.3.31. release(100.2.108 f5dd6556)
reproduced every time. Just exit program will need to stop process to close. attached log?
[2021-04-21 06:35:52,999][OT] INFO: Registering class ‘PortRegistry’ that implements interface ‘Ports’: [2021-04-21 06:35:53,000][OT] INFO: Method: ‘get_ports’ [2021-04-21 06:35:53,001][OT] INFO: Method: ‘set_ports’ [2021-04-21 06:35:53,002][OT] INFO: Method: ‘reset_ports’ [2021-04-21 06:35:53,027][OT] INFO: Listen.

Hope this helps.

Thank you @fsheng21! I have direct the View development team to this post.