Omn not support 3dmax PRB material---> roughness map

My model always over bright, even i have all pbr material map and texture, the reason is omn not support 3dmax PRB material—> roughness map

it support diffuse map, normal map, but not support roughness map…

please fix it.

@sinsin54duck ,

If you required all maps to go through to omniverse from 3dsmax , atm the best I have found that works is using MDL and select OmniPBR from the drop down. Hope that helps for now.

I follow your advise to use MDL in max and I got nothing, even dont see a MDL export, so disappoint…

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Banana001.max (1.6 MB)
Banana (4.9 MB)

I upload a sample file done in 3dsmax2021 for your reference.

Export settings

Results in Omniverse

wo!!thanks you for your reply so quick, but u miss the bpr mapping, can you upload it? so much thanks!

finally i found out the reason why u can import to omn but i can’t, because MDL material not support vraymap, only support bitmap…