Omni.anim.people cmd.txt file limitation


I have a question about the omni.anim.people extension:

I noticed that the cmd.txt file used to define the goals of the people on stage uses the SkelRoot name of each person as an identifier, rather than the SkelRoot path.

This is a problem when I have multiple instances of the same person in a scene, as they all have the same SkelRoot name and all behave the same (e.g. they all go and sit in the same spot at the same time).

As I am importing people’s usd models as references, it is not possible to change the name.

Is this a desired behavior? Is there a workaround for this?

Hi @jominga this was indeed an issue before. With the recent Isaac SIM 2022.2.1 release that just came out you should be able to use the parent xform names as well, so you can have the same character with a different name following different goals.


  • Drag the characters under /World/Characters
  • Rename it to your liking
  • Use the Xform parent prim in your commands

Note that, generally, we reserve /World/Characters to be populated by the spawn command. However, if you need to have multiple characters that have the same skelroot name I would suggest the above.

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