omni.anim.People extension not loading due to import viewport_legacy

Hi there,
i’ve just tried to load the new omni.anim.People extension on Windows, it doesnt work out of the box because there are import statements to viewport_legacy in some ui_component files - when activating the extension it says :
Failed to import python module omni.anim.people. Error: No module named ‘omni.kit.viewport_legacy’.

After removing all “import omni.kit.viewport_legacy” statements it loaded…

Best, Michael

Thanks for pointing this out Michael. Please follow the steps below for a fix. We’ll be updating our docs with the same.

To use the extension, select Window > Extensions, search for omni.kit.window.viewport and enable the extension. Then search for “people”, select omni.anim.people and enable the extension.

great hint, thank you, thats the easiest solution for sure :)

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