Omni.anim.xform_constraints no longer available for Isaac / Composer

I am using the latest Isaac docker container for SDG. Unfortunately the advertised extension “omni.anim.xform_constraints” is no longer available.

Is there any alternative ways of achieving transform constraints in the latest Isaac? I need to put mobile phones in people’s hands.

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cc @hclever

Creating the constraint in Machinima doesn’t work when running SDG in Isaac container.

I’m tracking this issue internally with a colleague. Others have noted the same issues. I’ll post an update when I have something concrete.

@pcallender any way to work around and somehow copy the plugin from machinima to isaac? I can modify the container as we please.

@Turowicz i tried doing that a few months back when using Composer. the Machinima you can download uses kit version 104 (pretty much all the apps in 2022), so the extension would break/stop working when simply copying the extension over to 2023 apps (which use kit version 105). that said, there’re suggestions of using the omnigraph to do constraints but not sure how that works with yaml.

Can you point me to the omnigraph workaround in python or gui? I will see what I can do script wise, because I can use python scripts and yaml together.

i haven’t seen an actual example, but this was the suggestion from one of the mods:

I have added the constrain node - it does not work in the new versions, its simply unrecognised.

i see. i don’t have any other leads, so hopefully the devs/mods can offer some additional insight (or provide a more robust documentation on how to use those omnigraph nodes, feels there’s not enough info on the official doc)