Omni.isaac.sim.xr.steamvr-2022.2.1 and depenencies not showing inputs from Vive pro 2 controllers


I am trying to find a way to interact with the robot scene and eventually control robots from within VR. that I built, Isaac sim does not update the inputs from the controllers. Any tips would greatly be appreciated!

Hi, I am also stuck with this, it would be really great to get some insight about this issue.

Dear dev team at NVIDIA Isaac Sim, please share some thought about this. Thanks!

Hi @jmorrissette - Can you please elaborate “Isaac sim does not update the inputs from the controllers”?

Hi, I can elaborate on that, the problem is that when I try to navigate through the scene using the VR controllers, there is not such navigation in there. Contrary to Isaac 2022.1.1, I can navigate without problems.

My extension cannot migrate to Isaac 2022.1,1, I have to go with 2022.2.1

I have also tried with Isaac 2022.2.0 but that is the same.

If you need further details, please let me know, thanks!

Hi I got in contact with some of the developers and they told me XR support for other applicaitons (isaac sim) with kit 105. However since it is still in beta it will probably need more time. In the mean time I found that creating a live sync session with create XR was the only reliable method for having VR working.


As I mentioned in other forum post. Navigation issue will get fixed in upcoming Isaac Sim release.