Omni.kit.window.tests - add (view) logs button

As a developer, when testing extensions, I want a ‘(view) logs’ button right in the TestRurrner window so that if my test fails, I can quickly vew the error.

When the logs button is pressed, the logs should be displayed with context highlighting/colouring (such as by loading the logs into my IDE), similar to how the source code is loaded into the IDE when one clicks on the ‘Open’ button.

It would be nice to perhaps additionally parse just the error and display it on the bottom half of the Test Runner window.

Please find attached a partial patch for the above issue. It assumes vscode. I don’t know the best way to implement this so that it works for all users regardless of IDE and development environment. One option would be to load the file into whatever app is configured by the browser to display log files ( - but for a lot of users this will be Notepad, which doesn’t meet the context highlighting criteria from the OP description. Another option could be to extend the cache service to be a general log parser (http://localhost:3080/logs?file=/path/to/file). Another option could be to use the ‘code’ system command and assume it is mapped to the users’ prefered IDE. I’m happy to provide an updated patch upon further guidance. (2.6 KB)

Great feedback! Thanks Michael! I’ve created a feature request ticket for this: OM-94655.

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