Omni.physx.ui extension lacking TypeAttribute in DriveAPI

in file


creation of attribute Type is absent, without it when connecting to differentialBase REB robot can’t turn.
I found this because was checking Carter_Warehouse example and in Details this field was filled with acceleration, but when i created my own robot and tried to use differentialBase REB - there was no such field.

I fixed it adding this part into file

typeAttr = driveAPI.GetTypeAttr()
if not typeAttr:
create_list_box_attribute(typeAttr, ["acceleration"], "Type.", driveLayout)

Version of isaac-sim-headless is 2020.2.28133

Hi asakhon-AITHEON,

Sorry for my late reply, do you still have this problem?


Hi @ltorabi, i fixed it on my side as i had access to extension code, for me fix that i described worked.