This documentation (API — omni_replicator 1.6.4 documentation) states, that projection_type can be selected from [pinhole, fisheye_polynomial]. By intentionally producing an error, I was able to see, that [‘fisheyePolynomial’, ‘fisheyeOrthographic’, ‘fisheyeEquidistant’, ‘fisheyeEquisolid’, ‘fisheyeSpherical’, ‘fisheyeKannalaBrandtK3’, ‘fisheyeRadTanThinPrism’, ‘pinhole’] are also possible projection_types. I guess the documentation is not up-to-date and there are also other updated/changed parameters. When can I expect an update?

Hi @sebastian.reicher - Someone from our team will review and respond back to you.

Hi @sebastian.reicher and thanks for reaching out! You’re absolutely correct that these additional projection types were not yet implemented in 1.6.4. That has been addressed in versions >1.7.2 and should be reflected in the latest release of IsaacSim. If you still see a discrepancy, please let us know!