Omni_usd_resolver pxr-20_08 version does not exist

I’m building a custom connector and need the resolver library so that linked parts get automatically pulled from Nucleus when I load a file. According to the doc page ( there is a “pxr-20_08” flavor of the library, which is exactly what I need because we get that USD version as part of the environment.

Starting from the Connect Sample, I modify target-deps-packman.xml to include this:

<dependency name="omni_usd_resolver" linkPath="../_build/target-deps/omni_usd_resolver">
    <package name="omni_usd_resolver.pxr-20_08.nopy.${platform}" version="1.35.0" />

Running repo.bat build gives me this error:

ERROR    An error occured while pulling packman dependencies for               
                             Package not found on specified remote servers! (name:
                   , version: 1.35.0)

I tried a bunch of different version numbers for the same flavor, but none of them worked.
Can you help me?

Hello @k.lesiak , Thanks for reporting the issue. It seems an error in the doc - I will talk to the team and update the doc.

Following are the pxr no-py versions

  • pxr-22_11-ar2.nopy
  • pxr-23_05.nopy
  • pxr-23_08.nopy

Following are the 20.08 versions

  • nv-20_08.nopy
  • nv-20_08-utf8.py37
  • nv-20_08.py27
  • nv-20_08.py37
  • nv-20_08.py39

and 20.08 no-py version

  • nv-20_08.nopy

other pxr versions

  • pxr-21_08.py37
  • pxr-21_08.py39
  • pxr-21_11.py37
  • pxr-21_11.py39
  • pxr-22_05b-ar2.py37
  • pxr-22_08-ar2.py39
  • pxr-22_08-ar2.py310
  • pxr-22_11-ar2.py39
  • pxr-23_02.py39
  • pxr-23_02.py310
  • pxr-23_05.py310
  • pxr-23_08.py310

Does any of them fit your needs? If you do need pxr-20_08.nopy I will see if the team can build one.

Please let me know if you have more questions,


Thanks for your response. :)

What I’m trying to do is to use the resolver library from within our Unity application (runtime, not only editor), and we’re using this package for USD import: USD Experimental Package for Unity | USD | 3.0.0-exp.5
They bundle 20.08 per their docs, so I’d need the resolver library compiled against that? I suppose the nv variant is not going to be binary-compatible with upstream USD, right?

FWIW, I tried using the nv variant even, but ran into plugin loading errors (something about a missing symbol, but didn’t really debug deeply).

If you could build a pxr-20_08.nopy variant for x64 Windows, that would be very helpful.