Omni verse can't sign in the server

My 3d Max is 2021,cann’t sign in the server.

here is some bug, I try to use Omniverse to render my project but always to take me a lot to fix bug still can’t render. also take 10 mins to start, reason I try to use omniverse is my bought A6000 RTX. help me to fix the bug please.

Hello, Can you tell me which version of the 3dsmax Connector you have?
Can you also verify that you have updated your Nucleus and Cache and that they are running?

Can you upload your log here? Log is at C:\Users\your name\Documents\Omniverse\Max.

2022 Max

how to do it

On the toolbar or the Omniverse Menu, go to the about menu and copy/paste you plug in version here.
Also, from the Omniverse Launcher, Can you make sure you have all Cache and Nucleus updates.

Log file should be here, \Users\your name\Documents\Omniverse\Max. I’ll reach out to you directly to get this.

Omni cannot sing in - YouTube here is,I still can’t sign in to OMni

Can yo determine if Nucleus is running?
If you have NOT installed nucleus, go here… Workstation Launcher User Guide — Omniverse Launcher documentation
If you HAVE installed Nucleus, go here… System Monitor — Omniverse Utilities documentation