OmniGraph Editor in Code

In the OmniGraph menu, the Editor… is not available in CODE but it is in CREATE after I download in both the python_node_tutorial1_finished.usda from the Content browser.

Too, moving the sphere in CREATE deforms and changes colors … not in CODE.

I reverified if the extensions are ok in CODE, and the same as in CREATE.

(but in CODE the OmniGraph editor opens well with the Graph Editor Example using the open or create buttons available …)

Hi there @didjich. Interesting… I contacted the dev team to look into this. I will be sure to post back here when I hear back. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

Thanks Wendy … I didn’t realize that I had already posted on that and I have today the answer here Graph editor not available in CODE ... only in CREATE? - #3 by didjich

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