OmniGraph in Audio2Face is nowhere to be found


I can’t find OmniGraph.

I am trying to work with OmniGraph but can’t find it in the application Audio2Face. In multiple tutorials as well as in the documentation OmniGraph is shown so I thought it is possible somehow.
Am I missing something? How do I get access to OmniGraph inside Audio2Face?

My version of Audio2Face: 2022.1.1

Thanks in advance!

Hello @belana.gawolek! Thanks for reporting this. It looks like there are some updates that the development team is working on for the Action Graph for Audio2Face version 2022.1.1. I have contacted the dev team about this and I will report back when I have more information!

OmniGraph has few different graphs. (ActionGraph, PushGraph, LazyGraph)
The ones used in Audio2Face is LazyGraph and PushGraph. The editor can be opened via Window > Visual Scripting > Generic.
ActionGraph is not used nor included in Audio2Face at the moment.

Having said that.
Omniverse is built modular. each app is mainly a collection of extensions loaded together. Those extensions are sourced from multiple folders from the installation, and the folder path can be added or removed by user.
On your extension manager, you can click the gear icon to open the settings for the extension paths

Click the + button to add new path

then locate where the extensions folder you need. In this case, I know that Action Graph is included in Create that I have installed, so I added my Create extcache path to Audio2Face.

And now I can enable Action Graph in Audio2Face

Keep in mind that most extensions are kit-sdk version dependent, so it’s best to find the compatible extensions that belong to the same kit-sdk app. Which is why I use Create 2022.1.3 as both this Create and A2F 2022.1.1 are using kit 103.1 sdk

great - thank you … that worked so far but…

I guess I hoped for another output when enabling that extension:

How do I get to the OmniGraph Editor?