Omnigraph Nodes' autogenerated files are not being re-generated

Hi! I’ve realized that all the autogenerated files that come from the .ogn files of nodes do not get regenerated when this file gets modified.
For example, if I grab my node and attempt to change an input type, neither the Database, nor the node’s usd template, the README, nothing.
For now, it seems the only way of solving this is re-creating the whole node from scratch, and then dropping back the code I’ve already written. Is it really the only option? I’m pretty sure Isaac used to automatically re-generate the files in older versions, so I’m not sure this is a feature request but instead a bug report.

Adding a video here to showcase the issue (I swear I didn’t record it at that speed, I’m not that fast with the mouse).
In the video you can see a node I just created using the Node Description Editor, it has one input and one output. Once the node is created, if I modify the .ogn, the database won’t change, nor the actual node in the UI (and I’ve tested with code as well, and the change doesn’t get reflected). If I disable the extension, delete the database (the Python ‘binding’), and enable it again, it won’t be regenerated. If I then disable the extension again, remove all the __pycache__ (now even the one that contains the and enable the extension again, the .sos get generated again, tho the database won’t, and the fields remain unmodified.
I’ve been able to replicate this in different setups so unless the workflow changed (I’m pretty sure I used to modify the .ogn manually and the database would re-generate accordingly a couple of versions ago), this seems to be a bug.

Please, let me know if more evidence is needed, tho I think the video shows (maybe a little faster than it should) exactly what’s going on.