OmniGraph RFE: Node to maintain PointInstancer

Since in USD, anything can be instanced - it would be nice to have a procedural way to maintain the PointInstancer Points/Orientations/Scale/etc. arrays in OmniGraph.

This would afford some really neat setups, when coupled with existing OmniGraph tech: events, physx scene query, inputs, osc, position on curves, physx automatic collider generation, etc.

Maybe a:

  • Node to add a instance (with options for valuing scale/orientation/position)
  • Node that outputs a List of point ids based on some data criteria (current value of OR a range of values within - scale/orientation/position), i.e. - “all instances with a position.y value greater than 10 units”, “all instances with a scale value between 3 and 5 units”
  • Node to remove a instance - that accepts an array of Point ids
  • Node that sets the existing instance properties (scale/orientation/position [absolute/relative]) - that accepts an array of Point ids, i.e. - “move all instances up 2 units on Y relative to their current value”, “scale all instances to 0.5 units”

All of the above nodes should accept an ‘Event’ input.