OmniPBR vs OmniLite speed

Hi, which material is generally faster to render considering it consists only of a simple color / some glossiness.

OmniPBR or OmniLite or perhaps some other type?


Hello @karol.osinski! I am looking into this for you. I will post back when I have more info to share!

Hi @WendyGram , thank you so much!

Hey Karol,

OmniLite is a bit more efficient than OmniPBR and will render faster. The features differ a bit so make sure OmniLite has all the features you need. OmniLite does not have ORM or Ambient Occlusion texture slots for instance. but OmniLite has more controls for things like Anisotropy, etc.

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Hi @canderson,
Thank you for you answer, what about OmniSurface vs OmniPBR?

I am just looking for a ways to maximise the performance so my Omniverse PT renders stays faster than V-Ray with comparable quality.

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Hi @karol.osinski,

OmniSurface tends to be slower than PBR, but depends a bit on what you enable in the MDL. If you need SSS then you have to use Surface, for instance. I am in the process of doing some speed tests and hope to post some definitive empirical results soon.

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Great to know that @canderson ! I am looking forward to see the results!