Omniver Apps lunch with missing windows/buttons on RHLE

Hello, I recently decided to move away from ubuntu to RHLE for cuda development after reading other developers experience and after struggle to get Omniver Code to lunch. I have a fresh install of RHLE 9, I disabled the Nouveau drivers and installed the recommended version (470.129.06) from nvidia’s website. Now whenever I lunch an Omniverse app, I tried both Code and Create with different versions, the app starts but is missing a lot of windows and tabs to the point it is not usable. I get the following message in the termical logs:
[Error] [] Error module ‘omni’ has no attribute ‘usd’ creating menu <<class ‘’> name:Focus user:{‘prebuilt_order’: 2147483647}

Anyone got an idea on what could be causing this issue or where to look to fix it ?

Machine specs:
CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6342 CPU @ 2.80GHz
Memory: 256G
GPUs: 2x RTX A6000

Hello @anthony.yaghi! Unfortunately, Omniverse does not support RHLE at this time. You can take a look at our Technical Requirements here: Technical Requirements — Omniverse Create documentation

I will reach out to the dev team to see if there are any plans to support RHLE in the future.