Omniverse Alias Connector v101.1 Release

With this Enterprise release Alias Connector 101.1 is available within Omniverse Enterprise Launcher.
We added new features like “Send to Omniverse” for automated USD workflows. For simplifying Alias layers before exporting the new feature “Fix Layer Assignment” is now available. To run Alias connector alternatively you can now use a command line interface. We also implemented an alternative option for tessellation. Finally we improved the performance, notifications and usability.

New features include:

• Send to Omniverse for projects

• Experimental conversion and tessellation

• Checkbox in Settings for experimental tessellator

• Exporting displayName in USD

• Command Line Interface version of the connector (Alias installation needed)

• Improved progress bar reporting

• Option for the user to decide if layers should be mapped to individual files

• Feedback to the user if connection to Nucleus was successfull

• Warning if layer assignment is not valid, because parent and child nodes are in different layers

• Warning popup, if the user tries to export scene with parent and childs in different layers

• Tooling to fix the layer assignment

Read the full list of new features and functions in Alias Connector in the full release notes here.

Documentation can be found here.