Omniverse Alias Connector v201.0 Release

We are excited to announce that the latest release of Alias Connector 201.0 is on the Omniverse Enterprise Launcher!

New Features:

  • auto stitching on group and material level
  • stitch tolerance slider + moved config directory
  • batch processing support to command line interface
  • integrated new and improved logging system with more messages and error states
  • added layer metadata

Bug Fixes:

  • set texture scale to 1m^2
  • renaming of Create and View to USD Composer and USD Presenter
  • fixed autoload issue by changing file type of entry point from .dll to .plugin
  • fixed crash and returning with error message instead, on import edge case
  • fixed exported glass material

Read the full list of new features and functions in Alias Connector in the full release notes [here ]

Documentation can be found [here]

Hello, when will support for Alias 2024 appear, or is it already possible to install it somehow? Thank you

Alias 2024 support will be available within the next release in couple of weeks.

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